Thursday / Saturday Show (Edinburgh)

The Stand – Queen Street – Edinburgh

Thursday 20th / Sat 22nd Nov

Doors open 7.30pm show starts 9pm

Thursday £10/ Saturday £15



Hotly anticipating the savoury, comedic indulgence that is Dylan Moran at his best, a rare offering on a charcuterie of satirical cured meats, blue edgy cheeses and pickled anecdotes soaked in witty liqueur, he did indeed deliver performance, as an indulgent finer taste amongst a platter of this evening’s already exquisite culinary offerings. Bubbles fly forth from the eager audience, bursting from their pints of lager, in synchronous unison to the fervency arising from the midst of this epic, underground cavern. And the catalyst for both was the anticipation of this evening’s witty energy and lyrical tongues, gulped down with tasty, Thursday evening beverage. A joy indeed.


The compere to carbonate our satirical bubbles was Scott Agnew, who within the first few seconds gained approval from his audience by clever improvisation and sharp, original material. This young and dynamic man punctuates improv with clever topical references covering Kate Bush, pirate politics, and perhaps unsavoury imagery of a cream covered Susan Boyle jumping from a Scottish snack … oh, how the bubbles in our head stopped popping right there. He introduces our first act, Suzi Ruffell, who at 27 is extremely gifted with hilarious dialogue, fast paced delivery and expressively comical dilemmas. Her act is professionally delivered, punctuated with witty observations and a hilariously insightful, feminine edge. My only meagre fault would be her timing – perhaps she could allow her audience few sweet seconds to linger on her razor sharp wit before heading at full speed into the next.



Eddie Cassidy

This unassuming Glaswegian immediately entertains with hilarious, articulate observations which he fuses with sadistic dry Scottish humour. His topics are dark and funny but his manner is endearing, and with this great combination he pulls this off with confidence and wit, fully deserving of the Scottish Comedian of the Year 2012 title.


Dylan Moran


Yes and here he is, effortlessly owning the stage. A slavering Irish accent smashing it within seconds. Unassuming, charming and fun as he embraces the room with his relaxed but understated humble presence. He is trying out some new material to gift our ears, most all of which run with effortless comedic poetry and charismatic, bullet-delivered wit, a razor sharp shave over the dry observational stubble of dreary reality. ‘Death is a little island off Ibiza’ to 25 year olds’ as he laments at his ever approaching old age with a twinkle in his eye, whilst his charismatic wit oozes through his sexy Irish smile he swiftly knocks the ‘hipster’ style as ‘Craft beers, beards with things living in them and hot yoga?!’ And of course, tastefully rounding-up his show with a controversial discussion on what snack should you chose to enjoy each war with.



Mark Maier


A difficult act to follow indeed, but Mr Maire is unfazed and doesn’t disappoint. He rounds up a fantastic evening with light-hearted, side-splitting gags on Scottish idiosyncrasies, London audiences and some light-hearted digs at a few unsuspecting audience members. He pulls it off with sublime comedic genius, possibly worthy of some of the biggest laughs of the superbly sweet evening. The night was an overwhelming riot on humour, provocative, risqué and hilariously  absorbing, very worthy of a Saturday evening out.



Reviewer : Teri Welsh

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