The Thursday Show – Edinburgh

The Stand

Thursday 21st May

Jeff Innocent
Jeff Innocent

The Stand’s Thursday Show allows you to see the club’s Saturday night show at a reduced price, £10 instead of £15. This Thursday’s was a proverbial mixed bag. Bruce Devlin compèred. An equal opportunities offender, he managed to insult a good chunk of the audience, but in good humour, much hilarity and in a way that keeps everyone on-side.

The first act of the night was Harriet Dyer, who announced her arrival by claiming that she was eccentric, although erratic would be closer to the truth. She flitted from subject to subject. Unfortunately nerves seemed to get the better of her and it made for an uncomfortable largely laugh free fifteen minutes.

The next act was probably the best of the night, Wayne Mazadza, a young Zimbabwean comedian, whose low-key comedy centred hilariously around the cultural differences between his birth country and his adopted home. He was followed by the transatlantically renowned Graeme Thomas,who started with great energy which had be buzzing, which sadly fizzled out towards the end of his twenty minute set.

The night was capped off by the most confident and polished performer of the night, Jeff Innocent, who has been coming to Edinburgh ever since 2001, when he gushed;, 

I’ve been in Edinburgh a week. In that time I’ve performed my solo show for five consecutive nights, appeared on a local TV program, been the subject of several features in the Scottish press, & had my first ever review – a glowing one. I’m pleased to say. All this & still only another 25 performances to go.

You could tell he was happy to be back, & his fresh material made sure the audience went home with smiles on their faces. Over all it was an entertaining night and excellent value for money.

Reviewer : Michael Kynaston 

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