Gilded Balloon Comedy Nights

The Studio @ Festival Theatre

6 June 2015

Andrea Hubert
Andrea Hubert

Great news! Not only can we enjoy some of the best comedy from the Gilded Balloon during the The Edinburgh Fringe in August, now they are treating us to monthly comedy nights at The Festival Theatre’s, The Studio! Each month The Studio play host to four comedians for us Edinburghers to sample some well established and up and comers breaking into giggle scene.This Saturday night we saw Scott Agnew, Jimmy McGhie, Andrea Hubert and John Gavin take to the stage. Unlike some Gilded Balloon comedy nights I have been to, tonight’s gig was unfortunately only half-full so we had our pick of places to sit. We bravely selected one of the table-and-chair seats at the front to fully appreciate the evening’s entertainment. 6’5” Glaswegian Scott Agnew is a Comedian and Journalist with TV presenting credits and radio appearances to his name. As one of Scotland’s top comperes, he hosts tonight’s show. The former Scottish Comedian of the Year regularly comperes in established and esteemed venues such as Jongleurs, Highlight and The Stand.

Agnew creates a warm welcome for London-based Andrea Hubert. Comedian, TV writer and Arts Journalist. After only 20 gigs Hubert was awarded second place in a national competition. Talk about fast work! Since then she has made it to the final of several New Act contests, such as Boom-Tish New Act 2011 (winner), Finalist of Leicester Square New Comedian 2011 and with her writing partner, Bafta Rocliffe New Writing Award 2013 (winner). You will also see her work appear in publications and across media networks, including The Guardian, The Telegraph and Channel 4. It’s clear to see why she has done so well in such a short space of time. Her honest and hilariously self deprecating tales touch on subjects everyone can relate to, and the audience appreciation is evident in the warm applause at the end of her set.

Scott Agnew returns with a brief story of his experiences in Glasgow karaoke haunt – The Horse Shoe Bar. He creates a vivid picture of some of the establishment’s more colourful characters, before welcoming the next guest. In a change to the advertised billing, 35 year old John Gavin from Hamilton takes to the stage.  Winner of Ha Ha Comedy’s Scottish Comedian of the Year in 2009.  The father of three girls with angry/confused eyebrows and tattoo clad arms chats about the differences between Edinburgh and Glasgow, warns never to go to St Andrews Aquarium and takes us through a few of the things in life that annoy him – all to great comic effect. He has an easy going delivery style that works well with the mainly Scottish punters. He could be your mate down the pub. You know? The funny one with the eyebrows…

After the interval Agnew returns with tales of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. He makes light of the fact that the city became a friendly, sunny place for the duration of the games, but that it reverted to ‘normal’ as soon as the games were over! And so onto the headline act for this evening. Jimmy McGhie created instant hilarity by striding into the audience and tangling his microphone lead up with people as he walked among the tables and chairs.  Spotting me as I was taking notes, he proceeded to snatch them from the table before reading them aloud to the now hysterical audience! Note to self – sit at the back next time! Londoner McGhie claims to be posh but not proper posh, and offers a simple yet amusing way to differentiate between the two. It’s all in how a person says yes apparently. His experiences at the gym produce tears of laughter. Despite a youthful appearance, thirty something McGhie is a self confessed technophobe and much of his material attacks the absurdities of modern life. Mobile Phones, Computers and  Sarky Sales Assistants all come under fire. The physical comedy he displays when recreating the aforementioned assistant’s floppy designer haircut is brilliant. This guy is sharp witted and self-assured, and a perfect ending to a great evening’s comedy.


Reviewer : Sarah Lewis

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