Aaaand Now for Something Completely Improvised

Queens Dome, Pleasance Dome
Aug 6 – 30
Utterly ridiculous, superbly witty and completely hilarious.
Racing Minds delivered an incredibly impressive show which had the audience laughing from the start. A Grandfather’s story-telling runs wild as audience suggestions help him to piece together a story he just can’t quite remember. The talented quintet are left to entertain and improvise their way through such absurd notions as a desert island being in the arctic! Accompanied by a phenomenally impressive keyboardist who manages to successfully judge the comic direction of the actors adding the right amount of drama, tension and ambience (and, who knew the titanic soundtrack so well it had me wondering whether they had prompted an audience member to throw the titanic into the story mix), the members bounce off each other with such ease that at times you forget its improv. Challenging each other to make their characters or idea even more plausible, the quintet impressively tackle the adventure served to them by the audience. Laughing at their own direction and accent choices, Racing Minds keep themselves and the audience on their toes and in doing so deliver wonderful comedy.
Aaaand Now for Something Completely Improvised” is exactly what it says on the tin. And most importantly Racing Minds do it so successfully that you will be left wanting to go to the next show just to see how completely different it will be. Have your suggestions ready and put these brave and talented men to the test. They will not disappoint. FIVE STARS
Reviewer : Louise Mason

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