Richard Soames Does the Right Thing

The Wee Coo, Underbelly
Aug 6th – 18th, 20th – 31st
18:50 – 19:50
£8 – £10

A funny, honest and heartfelt performance. Soames provides us with an enthusiastic and funny view of his life mishaps and moral compass. Through sharing his confessions, inner mind workings and youthful experiences of love his question to the audience throughout is “am I nice”? His acting and facial expressions are wonderful. Along with the laughs, the audience empathised with Soames. The “awwwws” from the audience at some of his less successful moments in life seemingly came as a surprise to Soames but added to how relatable and endearing his sketches are.

Soames uses music, cleverly pre recorded audio and mime to keep the show varied and interesting. His acting deserves to be mentioned as much as his comedy which kept the audience smiling. There were numerous and sometimes unexpected changes in tempo and style which made the show delightfully entertaining. At times the laugh was at Soames expense but then that is the point here. He scrutinises himself and his almost cringe worthy moral issues and life errors. He plays the nice guy so well, struggling to be cool and capable of dealing with awkward situations. Endearing, light hearted and fun.

One thing is for sure, he can try all he wants to be otherwise but Soames is a nice guy. Enjoyable entertainment with a cup of tea to start – now that at least is doing the right thing. FOUR STARS


Reviewer : Louise Mason

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