Chris Stokes : Altruism in Birds

Pleasance Courtyard – Attic

8th – 30th August


£7.50 – £9.50



The room starts to fill up with apologetic latecomers, shuffling awkwardly past the incredibly cute, geeky guy standing before us in a rather fetching cardigan. This particular geek is Chris Stokes – a self-confessed introvert whose unfortunate circumstances have had him endure a failed marriage and a nervous breakdown in his all but 30 years. For an introvert, he certainly has a lot to say, and with effortless charm and laid back charisma he fires fast, punchy one-liners and amusing observations whilst destroying a whole host of social misconceptions along the way. Armed with a cheeky grin and endearing concerns – this is someone who considers a haircut as a conversation at knife point – he takes his audience on a poignant, poetic journey through a day in his life as he copes with his broken heart.

Priceless and offbeat, Chris is very easy to connect with and his audience engages with warmth and humour. It is clear though his intelligently constructed observations that he is very much taking his material from personal experience, which makes it all the more engaging. Having supported both Milton Jones and Pete Firman on tour, Chris’ is relaxed, warm and at ease. This highly gifted and talented young man will certainly smash the festival this year. FOUR STARS



Reviewer : Teri Welsh

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