Dane Baptiste : Reasonable Doubts

Pleasance Courtyard – Beside

5th – 30th August


£10 – £13


Settling in a darkened room as hip hop blares though the loudspeaker, we wait in anticipation of tonight’s preview act. In what seems like an instant, the spotlight is on, and Dane floods onto the stage, straight into a cascade of fast-paced punchy jokes, taking the audience along on a charismatic river of laughter.  His colourful, intelligent and quick witted humour addresses race stereotypes and cultural ignorance, as we are taken along on an interesting exploration of the concepts of faith-based systems.

Perhaps preview nerves succumb to a few weaker jokes at start but Dane very quickly warms up and relaxes effortlessly into the rest of his set. Attitudes, discrimination and the concept of penis poachers are addressed using some razor sharp wit, clever metaphors and discerning use of music to add energy and colour to his hilarious set.

Finishing off with his political observations on capitalism and war he makes clever and very poignant points which he mixes up with splashes of comic genius. It is without surprise this gentleman was Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee 2014 and The Independent’s Face To Watch 2015. Indeed, a provocative over thinker and charismatic social activist, Dane Baptiste is first-rate exceptional! FOUR STARS


Reviewer : Teri Welsh

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