After Hours Comedy

Assembly Roxy (Venue 133)

15, 22 & 29 August


£14 (conc £12.50)


Late night comedy showcases can be hit or miss in the Fringe.  Poor line-ups and boozed up audiences can ruin what should be a chance for fringe comedians to put on an excellent mini-set and entice you to go and see their full length show in all its glory. I am relieved to say that they quality of both the comics and audience was of a very high standard and certainly enticed me to go to see the artists solo shows. This night was ably compered by Gordon Southern, a likable cheeky chappy with a quick witted mind.  He first introduced Tamar Broadbent whose comedy song routine about the Walk of Shame kicks us off nicely.

We are then treated to Edinburgh’s own ex-GP turned comic, Paul Sinha, his use of the element in surprise in his set won him many laughs as he sprayed gags out quickfire stylee. The self-described Huggy Bear of Asians really got the crowd going.  Great jokes and a cracker about how the British aren’t racist and we treat everyone as equals “When it’s your round it’s your fucking round whether you are black, white, gay straight.”  True dat.

3rd up was Patrick Monahan, who cuddled his way through the audience before starting his material.  He continued the mirth with a good sketch about post club female urination which seemed to strike a chord with the ladies.  His use of the audience was great as well and added much to his set.  Who knew Aphex Twin was watching?!

A fine night was rounded off by the hilarious Marcus Birdman.  I had had an eye on his show, Grimm Realities in the Free Fringe and this has further encouraged me to go.  Marcus set tonight paints with a broad brush covering strokes (he’s had one), his job as a teacher, and forgetting there’s a cock in your arse.  Effortlessly watchable, homeward bound we went, full of the giggles.

Reviewer David McCaramba

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