Gilded Balloon – Wine Bar

Aug 9 -17 


£10 – £14 


Having not seen Adrienne Truscott’s award winning show “Asking for It,” I found that I was on the back foot. Going in to a comedy show blind but with a previous successful show being mentioned at several points, I spent much of the time thinking, I wonder what her first show was like? And can I see that please?

Sadly, this wasn’t Adrienne’s night. There was an air of impatience as an entire Snow Patrol song was played to open the show. Was that a technical glitch? Oh no, sorry it was irony, but at the beginning of a show? Such a start meant I was waiting to be impressed even more and the anti climax to a turbulent show was disappointing.

I could see the potential by the end but with technical glitches, fumbled jokes and forgotten material it was confusing, lacked flow and even a purpose. It seemed as though Adrienne was out to verify the show title and it wasn’t until the second half of the show that she really got into the swing of things. And even then she openly worried about whether she had time for the best bit. I understood and admired her thoughtfulness for the next act but I wanted to shout “we’ve come to see your show, give us the show”. Thankfully she did and it was worth it – who doesn’t want to see some female on male wrestling whilst singing to Alanis Morissette?

I was completely lost with some of the material but found some of it brilliant. Her observations on feminism, ironic racism and argument for abortion to be allowed beyond birth are funny and some of her stories, including once stealing pancakes from children, are great. She clearly feels comfortable with such material. That and her body which she exposes confidently. And why the hell not? But if you don’t want to see Adrienne’s “pussy” as she kicks her legs in a tiny minnie mouse esc dress, perhaps don’t sit on the front row. Equally if you don’t want to feel her boobs, the front row isn’t for you either.

Swigging on a can of Fosters with vigour, I wondered whether it would serve a purpose but it never transpired. It seemed like a prop to distract from awkward moments.

A negative about the venue for Adrienne’s performance, and it’s not just the pole in the centre of the room which she jokes has always been something she has aspired to in a venue(!), is that not everyone can see her properly. Particularly as at one point she goes into the splits; I found myself standing up to see what was going on.

Adrienne is incredibly likeable and the oversized gloves and plastic lips together with strategically placed hair pieces and unapologetic nudity are novel and original. She seems great fun and is clearly a talented woman. But sadly this was puzzling and lacked the edge that must have been present in her previous show. Perhaps as the nights go on it will improve to a degree and it won’t just be the mad ending that saves the show.   TWO STARS


Reviewer : Louise Mason

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