Morgan Berry – Watership Down

The Banshee Labyrinth

Aug 9 – 30 (all except Monday’s)




So outlandish you have to laugh. You can try and stop yourself and wonder how something so bizarre can be funny, or, even more weirdly, how his advice can be right, but it just is. Its so absurd and so unexpected it’s hilarious.

Morgan Berry is Bafrican – born in Barnsley, raised in Africa. And if it couldn’t get any more random he is a pet bereavement counsellor specialising in Rabbit deaths! Prepare for impressions, farcical stories, obituaries, nonsensical metaphors and a fabulously comical re-meet and greet. How Joe Rowntree keeps a straight face with this unconventional character I do not know.

The shows success relies on audience participation. After all what can a counsellor do without having people to counsel? Tambourine in hand Morgan Berry uses the most ludicrous examples and methods for his counselling but the final messages are spot on. There is a method to the madness. You may start out unconvinced but you will leave with some valuable counselling lessons – remember at the end of the day “it’s just prawns”!

Smart and strangely helpful, the whole show keeps you guessing, bemused and most importantly laughing. This is what the Edinburgh Fringe is all about. Genius free comedy. FOUR STARS


Reviewer : Louise Mason 

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