Tony Law – Frillermorphesis

The Stand 3
August 10th to 30th
£12 (£10)
I first saw Tony Law in 2012. His show “Maximum Nonsense” was the talk of the Fringe. I certainly enjoyed it and laughed more than once but I did feel he adhered to certain alternative comedy staples and his overt wackiness was a tad grating. But who was I to judge? The show launched him to national fame and pretty soon he was appearing on every panel show from Buzzcocks to Cats. Propelling him to some kind of celebrity status. But it did not appear to suit him. He became increasingly erratic and before long was the victim of some kind of mental breakdown. However, and I can speak from personal experience here, a little mental breakdown now and then can do your creativity the power of good. He even mentions in this new show how he’d read Kafka’s Metamorphosis but most of it had gone over his head. Although I find this hard to believe as apparently not only has he become a bug, but he’s then entered a cocoon state and re-emerged a beautiful comedy butterfly.
Frillermorphesis showed a truly original comic talent blossoming and exploding all over the stage. His little personal crisis has given his performance and writing new depths of humanity, realness and genuinely manic energy which results in some incomparably hysterical and, at times, disturbing (in a good way) moments of borderline comic genius. Putting him up there with the greats of contemporary alternative comedy such as Stewart Lee and Simon Munnery. Seeing him dissolve into his own psyche while wearing a horses head with a microphone and a tuba unceremoniously rammed into it’s mouth is an image I will not forget in a hurry. Sure, he did the old trick of deconstructing the show as it progressed, even doing the mic stand bit I seem to remember Tig Notaro doing a few years ago, but he did it with such aplomb and humanity that his own character out shone any suspicions of it being derivative. So here’s to the triumphant Resurrection of Tony Law – bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before! FIVE STARS
Review by Steven Vickers

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