Nathan Cassidy – Back to the Future II

Gilded Balloon – Balcony

Aug 10-15, 19-29





Animated, enthusiastic and funny. Nathan Cassidy’s performance is confident yet relaxed with many laugh out loud moments. With a spring in his step, this talented comedian questions whether we should believe in reincarnation using his son, songs and impressive rap skills to persuade us why we do need a life sequel. The smart timings and flow of this show are excellent.  At times references were niche but didn’t go unacknowledged as such. Full of personality, genuine and extremely likeable, Nathan Cassidy makes you feel assured of his ability. With an element of surprise and a desire to join in, the show is highly entertaining. Peppered with jokes about mid-life crises and his failed relationship, the audience are on his side.
Don’t go expecting the Back to the Future films to be the main focus but you can expect an appearance from a Marty Mcfly of sorts. Complete with fantastic audience interaction, some singing and a playlist to make you smile, the show puts a spring in your step and provides enough laughs to leave wanting more. FOUR STARS
Reviewer : Louise Mason

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