Daddy and Robin I Love You

Bobs Blundabus, Potterrow Underpass, Venue 212

Aug 11, 27-29


Pay-what -you-like 



This was definitely a fine afternoon to be in Bobs Blundabus.  As soon as I got up the stairs the upper deck sparkled as the sun shone in over the leafy underpass and ignited the colour of the painted glass in this recently converted double decker.  Local legend Cammy Sinclair was at the back of the bus which has been kitted out with rows of benches  that do a brilliant job of maximizing the space.  With about 15  adults and 4 children it is comfortable and cozy. He kicks this family show off with a song about a dog with its legs cut off, ‘This songs for the adults, you wont understand it,’ Cammy explains to a child in the front row and to be fair none of us do but that’s the point, there’s something VERY Ivor Cutler about it.    Behind the drum kit, up front, Cammy’s son Robin is in charge of the good majority of the show.  Cammy constantly looking to him for direction, its very sweet.  Not at all like some of the scenarios you expect when parents get their children involved with performance.  They are playing, I’ve no doubt the in the same way they do at home so its almost like an insight into their eccentric and fascinating relationship instead of a strictly choreographed  show.


Although the lads only 3  he belts out a mean bit of controlled drumming which he has obviously been learning at home and I must say I’m impressed.  Cammy has been in many bands as the drummer over the years so I’m not surprised when this is the instrument of choice for his son.  Oh, and he is really good at timing a honk from his red nose too.  I’m most impressed by the fact that the wee man sits their for the whole show and you know he wants to be there.  Theres loads of audience participation, kids songs made daft enough so that the parents don’t need to feel like its a week day in term time but enough like it to keep the kids engaged.  In another game an audience member is asked to participate as a victim while others pass round pre written heckcles.  It’s chaotic but always fun.  and culminates into some of the worst juggling I have ever seen!


This is a happy wee event in a great location,  Cammys surreal nonsesical humour is almost rationalised by his wee son and is well worth looking at.  FOUR STARS



Reviewer : Sarah Marshall

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