Jimmy McGhie – Winged Goddess of Victory

Pleasence Courtyard Bunker 1
5th Aug – 30th Aug
£7/£8.50 – £8.50/£9.50
Jimmy McGhie
The funniest man to ever be stuck in a broom cupboard.  Jimmy is someone you really need to make time for this festival. I got to the venue early but was so preoccupied chatting to a friend on my phone at the bar, I didn’t hear the call for the show to begin.  As I step into the packed bunker, the stewardess ushered me to what seemed like the only seat available, right at the front.  As a reviewer, this is a very awkward place to be sitting, for both myself and the performer. As Jimmy walks into the tiny wee room, and takes to the mic, three feet away from where I am scribbling down on my note pad; he says hello, introduces himself, then immediately draws all the attention in the place to the ridiculousness of my chosen seat.  The lights, all of a sudden, seem brighter than before and all I can see over the red glow of my cheeks is Jimmy’s big smiling face.  I insist that the lady put me here to which he quickly retorted,
“Goodness, this is going to be like getting your homework marked in real time!! Get up and move to the back will you?!”
The audience seemed to enjoy my being ridiculed. I did as well to be honest. He was gently with it, and as I stood up and clowned about trying to get someone to swap seats with me, the joke was made funnier when no one would swap and I was sent back to the front.  Eventually Jimmy spotted a seat at the very back, on the other side of the stage, in a very dark little corner.  Thank goodness, I thought, because at that point I was terrified to look up from my feet.  I pulled my best sad clown face and walked like a naughty school kid across the stage and over to my dunce’s corner. “You better not have one of those stupid pens that have a bloody light on the end!” he laughed at me, before I settled into the safety of the darkness and the spot light returned to it’s rightful owner. The audience, including myself, were very much putty in his hands for the rest of the show.
His first line was to tell us about the last time he took class A’s, then noticing a young-ling in the crowd who had somehow managed to be smuggled in by his parents, he immediately apologised for his current joke, and subsequently for the rest of the material which would follow.  Personally I thought the material wouldn’t be suitable of anyone under 16 (at least), but actually, the kid didn’t seem to have a nervous breakdown because of what he heard. I reckon he definitely aged a few years by the end of the show though!  Jimmy’s material is a positive reinforcement of the futility of drugs, F1, and the hypocrisies and little irony’s found in everyday life for a young bachelor.  He jokes about his responsibilities (or lack of them) and his self acclaimed opinion thievery. He does brilliantly funny impressions, especially of his late father, which will make you wonder how lovely his mother must be for him to have turned into such a grounded and soft natured wee soul.
When Jimmy goes on to talk about his experience in the Nike store, he struck a chord with exactly how consumerism gets to us all. His punch line to this routine had me sliding off my chair. His timing, tone and facial expressions are perfection! Some of his material could be seen as teetering on the edge of mild racism, depending on how PC you like your comics to be… but racist in the way curious small children are; so I’d be very surprised if anyone actually got offended.  He will have you in hysterics, dealing with grown up realities which are destined to come to us all at some time, if they haven’t already. Even when Jimmy forgot a scene in his sketch and had to go back on himself, which he did with amazing honesty and charm, he made it funnier than it possibly would have been if it had be executed in the correct order.  There was not a quiet seat in the house during this hour (which, by the way, will feel like less than 40 mins ) and at more than one points I actually cried with giggles. Well deserved FIVE STARS
Reviewer : Bobbi Mckenzie

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