Alfie Brown : -ism

Assembly George Square Theatre – The Box

5th – 31th August


£10- £11 (£9-£10)




A glossed-up oven-baked porta cabin named The Box, pitched up outside the rather more ostentatious George Square Theatre, was the rather doleful home of tonight’s show. However we were welcomed in magnanimously by an enthusiastic steward who assured us of the Alice In Wonderland palace awaiting for us within. Once inside it was indeed an endearingly cosy space, with warm velvet curtains, keeping the temperature stifling, as we packed up and unpeeled beneath a great sound system and amongst an expectant air of excitement for the jam-packed, sold out show.


Armed with a massive smile and a Hawaiian shirt, Alfie Brown sprung onstage in a colourful tirade of offensive yet somehow endearing, energetic outrage to deliver his show using some splendid dramatic dialogue. Opening with fast-paced audience interaction, mixed up with some particular personal lamentations on bagpipes, poets and vegans, it quickly becomes apparent just how smart this impromptu act really is. Through a steady, effortless stream of quick fire jokes and dynamic improv, all varied, colourful and animated, he jumps with ease from contemporary liberal philosophers, Ebola news reports and his theory on the dark side of Thomas the Tank. Is licking a chicken quite as bad as snogging a baby? – Just don’t ask Morrissey.



It becomes apparent his real passion lies in politics, where the meatiest part of his show is packed with intelligent jokes and provocative observations, and the audience are keen to play along with a well-deserved standing ovation. By far the best act seen so far at the fringe this year, this guy is an exceptional talent and the future of British comedy. FIVE STARS



Reviewer: Teri Welsh

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