Joe Hart : Dirty Rotten Apples

The Gilded Balloon Study at the Pleasance Dome



From watching the grim realities of War and Angels, I found my self with 15 minutes before performances. To get to the Gilded Balloon press office and pick my tickets up for a cute and cuddly, Gay Comedian. It was as tight as  a gnat’s chiff,  but I made it just in time. As one can imagine my head was in a bit of a whirl, it was a hot and sticky afternoon. The humidity levels were high. Instantly the cool of the venue put me at ease. As Mr Hart congratulated me on my late arrival, the previous performance’s descriptions of Man’s inhumanity to Man soon cleared, welcoming myself and his intimate audience into his camp, funny world.

Slowly he began to tickle my funny bone, & a smile started breaking out across my face. My my, a celebrity comedian that was genuinely funny. Divine sometimes has a hard time with such folk because they take themselves far too seriously. But Joe Hart hit all the right notes and deep guttural laughs started erupting from my belly. The heaviness of the earlier play soon lightened as the healing nature of humor and laughter cleared the blues away. This was quite the tonic that the whole audience needed.

If you are looking for an antidote to the after-effects of harrowing fringe performances, then Joe Hart is your clown. This performer has a healing magik all of his own. Gifting us with an hour of pleasant, unoffensive comedy in the Pleasance. Unpretentious, warm and genuinely funny, Jo Hart a favorite of housewives nationwide, & on bringing his show into my heart this afternoon I left with a spring in my step. And the apple bit? Well one will have to buy a ticket to find out. You will nae be disappointed. FOUR STARS



Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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