Paul Ricketts : West End Story

Paul Ricketts – West End Story
Hero’s @ Blundabus
Paul Ricketts
Paul is a comedic storyteller from the West End of London.  His show this year is played out within the quirky Blundabus venue, which is rather fitting for parts of Paul’s routine. Dashing about from show to show, I found myself running for a parked bus for the first time in my life.  Once we arrived, we were happy to see a lovely little bar on the bottom carriage of the double decker, and we were then taken upstairs to sit on the well staggered bench seats. By the end of the hour however, my bum was wishing we had had some cushions to accompany the hard wood. But, nevertheless, the atmosphere was excellent.
Paul’s show is an hour filled with life stories which remissness on hard times living in London as a skint comedian, being a minority surrounded by hipsters and tales of his Scandinavian lady friend and their play on British men of a certain age. Super entertaining time, and you’ll leave wanting to try some of his experiences out for yourself.
Paul Ricketts 2
A slide show accompanies Paul a he takes you from one funny anecdote to another, using funny accents and voices to animate a picture of his life, giving you the feeling of what it may have been like to have been a fly on the edge of this funny man’s hat. FOUR STARS
Reviewer : Bobbi Mckenzie

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