The Mash House
 Aug 17, 19-30              
£4 – £6

Charles Booth is a character comedian, actor and writer and performs one cracker of a one-man show.  Set in the top room of the Mash House with blacked out windows, a pair of Deer antlers appear from behind a screen and with the added voice-overs off a car approaching we could only imagine what was in store. An impressionist with many character sketches, from swimming sperm, to the Miltonic sacking of Satan from Heaven his is a very interesting show indeed.
Charles performed 8 different sketches, all of which were well thought-out and superbly written. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, Booths is a kind of comedy which utilises elements of acting, stand-up and impressions . Well done Charles, for  this is truly no easy combination to assemble, & assemble well – but you’re done it, son.


The changing of costumes for each sketch were simple but effective . Booth’s show gives you a take on some of life’s more unspoken areas, the places we go to in our head but sledom share. The sketch on the sperm finding their way to vagina heaven was most entertaining, gaining many a laugh for the audience. Booth’s ability to support his comedy visions with well-created voices and expressions was fantastic and added much to the fun of the show.  He had me in stitches !!!!!   This is one guy we should watch out for as I am sure he will be back next year with more hilarious character comedy to release upon us. FOUR STARS



Reviewed by Spud

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