Amy Howerska – Sasspot

Gilded Balloon Venue 14
6th – 30th Aug
Amy gets the crowd roaring with her super stories of her and her sister growing up on a military drop site, surrounded by Sassy skydivers. She describes life threatening bonding excursions with her eccentric father, jokes about her psychopath grandfather, and fondly recounts the unusual games her and her sister would play; which could have only been played by children growing up in their rather uncommon environment.
Her family sound totally bonkers, especially her sister who I would love to meet! What a hoot! It is brilliant that Amy decided to become a stand up and not follow the family into skydiving, because this perspective on life has to has too much comedic value to be kept a secret.  Amy might look fem, but she is an absolute inspiration to any ladette, I can tell you! She thoroughly entertained the house with her funeral antics and tequila tales; what a dude! FOUR STARS
Reviewer : Bobbi Mckenzie  

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