Ian Smith – Whereabouts

Pleasance Courtyard 
6th-30th August
Ian is lovely chap who performs a fabulous PG rated stand up which will tickle your funny bone no matter how old you are. He deals with hecklers better than any other comic I’ve seen, and boy was I there on the night that he was put to the test! Not surprisingly, Ian was performing to a sold out venue, but the heckles started early, first by a Priest and then by a dear elderly lady who offered her services to him… as a relationship councilor. The most surprising hecklers ever! Ian coped well, with seamless improv and his sweet northern charm. But then things took a turn for the dramatic, when a rather aggressive man who looked like a large thumb, rudely left while shouting a nasty comment to Ian as he stepped onto the side of the stage.  The thumb man was then followed out by another older gentleman who assured Ian he was going after him to ‘have a word’. (In Scottish; ‘word’ can often mean ‘fight’, so Ian was pretty worried for a while after, in case they tried to re-entered the gig!)
Ian, recovering from this bizarre episode, was hilarious; for as polite and gentle as he was to both gentlemen, he had a super bitching hissy fit about it behind their backs which broke all awkwardness and made the entire event tearfully funny. The show was peppered with fantastic call backs and was very funny without being at all rude or offensive, which is probably harder than it seems, and certainly takes a great deal of intelligence.  A brilliant one for all the family, unless you are related to gangsters, apparently it doesn’t do it for them much! Well done Ian, you survived a legend gig, with more dignity than you can shake a stick at. Two thumbs up!  FOURS STARS
Reviewer : Bobbi Mckenzie

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