Kelly Kingham – Inside Out

Just the Tonic @ The Caves
Free Show
Kelly’s nervous and slightly manic disposition makes for a very endearing machine gun story teller, indeed. Diagnosed somewhere within the autism spectrum, Kelly gives a unique delivery of a very personal but actually quite ordinary and certainly enlightening perspective of life as a fifty three year man from North London.  As he fiddles with his jacket pocket like an excited eight year old, who is clearly thinking much faster than his mouth can deliver, Kelly gives us a fantastic insight to his world of imaginary friends, married life and mortgages and his self confessed mental-isms. He is beautifully ridiculous, heart tugging with honestly and ironically educational in a ‘carry on – spiritually awakening’ kind of way. This is a gem of a free show, and actually I am very surprised that it is not occupying a £10-a-ticket prime time slot.  It should be next year! See Kelly for free while you can. FIVE STARS
Reviewer : Bobbi Mckenzie

2 thoughts on “Kelly Kingham – Inside Out

  1. Disney Pixar takes a long walk down an infinite pier of personal identity in Inside Out, an animated tour of developmental psychology that captures the pain of growing up using primary colours and Amy Poehler’s voice

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