Mark Forward

Gilded Balloon Venue 14
6th – 31st Aug (not 27th)
Oh my days, this has got to be the funniest show on at the Edinburgh Festival this year!  People were in pain from laughing, like actually making sounds that in a different setting may have got them arrested; as the roar was teetering off throughout the house it sounded like an old audio piece collected from a ruined battlefield.  You could only complain about having too much fun at this gig! Mark will weird you the f*ck out and bring you in and out of reality throughout 60mins of face-pulling, surreal character comedy and musically, tantrumy stand up that will break you in half with laughter.
This man is the epitome of untouchable!  The only way you could not enjoy Mark Forward, is if you were born without a sense of humor. In which case.. he would probably be be the only man left to save you.  Get a ticket now! Next year you may have to watch him in a stadium for £50! FIVE stars can barely do him justice!
five-starsReviewer : Bobbi Mckenzie

One thought on “Mark Forward

  1. Did…..did you watch a different show from us? Because the one we saw was an unfunny jerk that not just us but the entire audience did not like…I seriously wonder if you have accidentally posted a review for the wrong Mark or something?

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