Peace Love & Not Understanding

Cowgate Head
2315 August 19th to 29th
    When your open gambit is laying into Richard Dawkins, one of the finest intellectual minds of the 21st century, I’m afraid you’ve gone into a bit of a grey area, comically speaking, as far as I’m concerned. I mean what’s next? Making jokes about kicking Stephen Hawkins out of his Wheelchair? But then this could be seen as his theological ground, as he often re-asserts his agnosticism. Although I suspect, particularly from the shows oddly-toned finale, that Luke Stephen leans a little more towards the Jesus than the void: and, like all good keepers of the faith, this is often used to justify his largely disappointing tales of sexual misadventure.
It’s not the first time I’ve heard a comedian talk about nothing but sex with a bit of nod and a winkful of misogyny, and I suspect it won’t be the last. It’s something of a staple in modern main-stream comedy as are more than one or two of his gags. This blokey, laddish delivery has been doing the rounds since the early nineties and frankly it wasn’t that funny then and it isn’t that funny now. Maybe if you’re from the ilk that likes reading loaded, drinking Stella and playing Grand Theft Auto on your PlayStation this might be for you. But for me it just annoyed. What grated more were his constant attempts to justify himself to the audience. Feeling like he was almost sucking up to us. Show a little bit of damn courage man! Still, saying all of that, people were laughing, & quite loudly at times, so if average turns you on then fill your boots!  THREE STARS
Reviewer : Steven Vickers

One thought on “Peace Love & Not Understanding

  1. How do you compare taking the piss out of Richard Dawkins to kicking a disabled person out of their wheelchair? Reviewer credibility lost in the first sentence. 1 star.

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