Winston’s Wow

The Boards @ The Playhouse
 8th  – 29th August – 20:30
 £8 – £10.00


Winston Spear is a comedian from Canada whom was voted number one in the Canadian Comedy Awards for best stand up… so he would have come to his first stint at the Edinburgh Fringe with some confidence.  A wacky, unique and obscure individual, Winston embeds a strange, but interesting mime dance routine into his act.  His show starts with Winston on the Grand Piano, quickly informing us he can’t play the damned thing – or actually sing for that matter. From this funny start he appeared to float onto the stage with a Michael Jackson shuffle, moon-walking his way through endless facial expressions that had me in stitches…….

Next came the real body of the performance – a series of one-liner jokes which were funny in themselves but lacked that thread to held them all together. Winston is a winner with mime, for sure, & for me his quirky routines should remain the centre pieces of his show.  With appearances on Canadian TV and some film to his name Winston has had an active past & faces a promising future. Perched high in the Edinburgh Playhouse, seems a secret addition to the Fringe, but is worth definitely worth seeking out… Good show Winston!!! THREE STARS


Reviewer : Spud

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