Assembly, Roxy
21st August to 31st August 1745
Tatterdelamion-SquareThere has been a recent spate of comedians going to clown college in France to learn how to be funny. Why they would do this baffles me as we have some of the finest comedy in the world right here in the UK and the French, let’s face it, aren’t renowned for their sense of humor. However, the results haven’t all been bad. Doctor Brown, possibly my only other experience of purely physical comedy, still remains one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Although on further examination of the program it seems this performer learned or at least learned under someone who learned their craft in Berlin. Oh dear. And to tell you the truth the opening isn’t promising. We’re walked through some pretty standard mime routines, and I even spotted a couple possibly lifted from Doctor Brown himself.
    Then something happens. Something with a shirt. And we’re suddenly transported to a place as beautiful as it is dark, as hypnotic as it is terrifying. Is it funny? Does it matter? Once we emerge, as if from a deep, disorientating sleep the show transforms into something of true light and magic. A word particularly must be spared for the light. The lighting and, for that matter, sound design, creating atmosphere masterfully throughout. Never overbearing, never too subtle, you notice it’s there but it only helps to enhance the action rather than distract from it. In short – pitch perfect.
So now we’ve moved from a three star show into a four star and, by the time the satchel comes out, maybe even a five star. But then I must give it four because it lacks the wonderfully demented narrative of Doctor Brown. But then he’s not Doctor Brown and is not trying to be so maybe he deserves five. But then again he didn’t make me laugh as much as Doctor Brown so maybe it’s four. But then I’m afraid he might put a voodoo curse on me so it has to be five. But then I think he already did… FOUR STARS
    Oh f?!k it. If it made this much of an impression on me it has to be… FIVE STARS
    Vive la folie!
Reviewer : Steven Vickers

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