Festival of the Spoken Nerd – Just For Graphs

Assembly George Sq

6-30th Aug



festival_of_the_spoken_nerdThree brainiacs; Helen Arney, Steve Mould and Matt Parker, bring to us a tremendously silly, and all at once, highly intellectual performance which can prove to any sceptic that maths and science are actually very fun subjects! I am not someone who has spent a lot of time in lecture theatre’s, but I certainly wouldn’t have imagined one to be teaching an hour of charts, plots and diagrams and getting relentless laughs from the spectators. If high school maths and science is the metaphorical equivalent of brown tweed, this show is the equivalent of rainbow tartan!

Some of the content is aimed at young people and some at very highly educated academic professionals. There will be bits you understand fully, parts which will teach you something new or remind you of boring stuff you learned years ago but easily forgot because of the lack of colour in the teaching, and there are likely to be occasional parts which will blow strait over your head unless you have a degree in physics or a masters in maths.

The show is bustling with brain teasing excellence; fun with fire, singing and super awesome experiments with enough wit you make you doubt their credentials. (Apart from the likes of Dara O’Brien and a few others, stereotypes don’t usually point in favour of nerds also being hilarious.) From human speaker cables to magic math squares, this show is brilliant for anyone with an interest in the science world. You are bound to leave slightly brighter than when you came in, whether that be because you learned something new, or because the nerd-ilicious trio just cheered you right up! Dizzyingly dynamic and fundamentally useful comedy! FIVE STARS


Reviewer : Bobbi McKenzie

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