Laura Lexx – Lovely

Underbelly Med Quad
6th-30th Aug


laura lexxLovely is exactly the word to describe Laura Lexx. She bursts onto the stage like a wee firework and tells stories of her ordinary life and how disadvantaged she is as a comic to not have a trauma to rely on for stand up material.

You don’t sit feeling Laura is a jumped up little twat, which is easily how she could have come across with a show like this, instead quite the contrary; you somehow empathise with her only slightly less than perfect life, in the way of being a slightly less clumsy, real life version of Bridget Jones — except for having slightly worse underwear issues.

Documentaries seem to be the gospel of Laura’s faith, as she talks of the moral lessons learned through David Attenborough and Louis Theroux, as well as the feminist role models which have influenced her such as the Spice Girls, who invariably contradicted her initial role models, the Disney princesses. Watching Laura shake her tail feather on stage is truly tantalising and could convince any straight woman to give up men in favour of birds. Something Laura actually tries to accomplish, in a not so deranged way. Laura has quite a talent and the kind of voice that makes you want to kidnap her, if only to bring her out when you are feeling a little sad. FOUR STARS


Reviewer : Bobbi Mckenzie

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