The Old Fella

The Space @ Surgeon’s Hall

26-29 Aug



urlNow this really was the luck of the draw. Today’s Mumble Mission took me to the Space @ Surgeon’s Hall to see the “Old Fella.” It was nae until I got to the venue and asked to see a flyer for the show that I realized I would be reviewing a comedian. But not just any comedian. This “Old Fella,” a retired farmer from deep in the Australian Bush, is something of a celebrity in his native islands, accumulating over 500 sell out shows & accolades from Australia’s Got Talent. This year, the Old Fella is gracing our Scottish lands to wax lyrical, flinging funny funny tales of life back in the new country. His wife, Myrtle The Turtle (one will have to go to the show to find out why he calls her that), features heavily in the performance. He also takes us back to the dusty and smoky watering holes where he developed his craft, fluffed up with lovely, heart-warming tales about his grandchildren.



The Old Fella explained how performing at the Edinburgh Fringe was a long-held dream come true. Sir… It was an honour to be  apart of your audience tonight. For people who have never travelled the long haul flight from Scotland to Australia before, its incomprehensible to understand just how far away both counties are from each other. I’ve done it myself, only the other way around. So Respect to the Old Fella… he has come a long way to tickle our funny bones and warm our hearts, & for me will always be welcome if he returns.  FOUR STARS


Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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