Tobias Persson and the Drivel Rights Movement

The Stand 6





Sitting down with my lunchtime munch earlier this afternoon I prepared to be entertained by Swedish comedian, Tobias Persson. I soon realised, however, that he just wasn’t that funny. A titter here, a loud-laugh there, aye, but not enough for the fellow to say he was a comedian. I even found myself inventing a new word during the show, thinking what could be a word for lesser comedy – and decided upon amusery. His attempts at social satire were were weak, & the brightest spots of our hour were the jokes concerning his native country – Sweden & their relationship to other European nations.  This was genuinely funny stuff!



After a stiff start, Tobias did loosen up in the second half, bringing to our attention the media’s obsession with ‘anti-islamic lego,’ among other things. The problem with Tobias, for  me, is that on several occasions after a gag – there would be a second or so of silence which he filled with his beaming smile – a trip reflex that induced laughter in some of us. Surely a comedian should not have to rely on such tricks of suggestion to get his audience laughing. TWO STARS



Reviewer : Damo Bullen 

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