Dominic Frisby : Lets Talk About Tax

Gilded Balloon Teviot Balcony

 3rd – 28th August

£8.50 (£7.50)


 Material :four-stars Delivery :four-stars  Laughs : three-stars

What is the most expensive purchase we make in our life time? The Government ?’

Picture this!!   A small, low-ceiling, black drapes hung around all the walls, nestling in the lower depths of Teviot Row House.  Tax diagrams everywhere, a mega-phone and a microphone, paving the way for Dominic Frisby & his new show.  As the lights dimmed, a figure emerges from a dark corner… adorned with a bowler hat, chequer’d suit and spectacles he does indeed resemble the Tax Man of our haunted dreams. In fact, an hour of comedy on Tax and the HMRC would be enough to scare anyone, but could we be wrong? With lawyers and tax evaders in the firing line, we were soon informed of the wicked ways of how the government chips away at our hard earned pounds.  This was more informative story telling than fast-paced comedy show. With Dominic’s delivery  consistent, precise and comfortably paced, you could quantify the essence of a well-researched show.  With his swing-o-meter in hand, we discovered how every disaster has its tax point, and who pays for it…  us ?  Tax is power, power is money, and money needs to be taxed… back to square one.

If you enjoy a laid-back, fun-loving attitude towards tax, or you want to know how to avoid paying tax, then this show will delight you.  I think anymore than an hour would have pulled the “T” out of tax, & of course more jokes would have got more laughs. But when he did get funny, Dominic hit home with a low punch to the stomach.  Politics, money, voting, tax inquiries, and expensive calls to the HMRC all contribute to a Fringe show abounding with thought-provoking points. Whether Dominic makes you laugh, shout or cry, one thing is for sure you’ll leave his side a more educated soul in the art of Tax and Taxes. Well done Dominic for putting the “F” word back into governmental institutions… & when I say F, I mean fun, fun, fun!

Reviewed by Raymondo Speedie



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