Tom Ward

The Pleasance

Aug 3-28 : (21.45)


Material :four-stars Delivery :four-stars  Laughs : three-stars

IMG_7009.JPGTom Ward popped my cherry for the Fringe this year! Cracking show… absolutely loved it! He was performing at the Pleasance, in its basement, a great venue with a really intimate feel. This intimacy proper suited the show, for Tom is the kind of mate everyone wishes they had. The geezer you would be making sure came to your parties to keep everyone entertained. Funny! Funny! Funny!  His comedy is of the observational kind, and, god bless him, he looks at things through rose-tinted spectacles… his jokes never offended anyone once. Ward’s stories are snappy and the punchlines just keep on coming. Engaging from start to finish, Tom just about pulled the full 50 minutes off, despite a couple of monologues bobbin’ on for a bit – but I guess I was hooked on his snappier stuff by then. As I departed the Pleasance I felt a sneaky feeling well-up that Tom was bound for stardom… if he gets a proper haircut. A class act!

Reviewer : Mark Parker



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