Laurence Clark

Assembly George Square

Aug 3-28 (19.00)


Material :four-stars Delivery :three-stars  Laughs : four-stars

When I turned up at the Assembly I thought, ‘great I will be in the gardens for the show’ but no such luck. Laurence was round the back in what was basically a metal shipping container that you would see transporting cargo. So I was a little sceptical as I rocked up to the girl on the door, but hey it’s the fringe and I will give anything a go once! Thankfully my scepticism was wrong, for the show worked well in a small space. You felt you were right in the middle of the Lawrence’s front room, as he was only a couple of feet away. The folk in the front row could look him straight in the eye, helping them to connect with the secret corners of this comedian’s universe.

Lawrence’s struggle for independence in a highly presuming world is a good and insightful show! Pumping through plenty of jokes and laughs and decent banter, he tells the story of his life more than well. Laurance has the ability to laugh at himself and to also see the funny side whenever he encounters negativity – all very endearing and rather inspiring. Laurence walks you gainfully through his struggle for independence, sharing all his ups & downs the  along the way. It’s not satire or comedy on the fashionable independence of Brexit or the Scottish Independence vote, it’s far more personal than that, for Lawrence fights for recognition and mutual respect from both the people that support his life and the wider public as well. He makes you look inwards to see how you view others, witha n appetite for life we could all be inspired by. Its overall a very good, show and I was glad he allowed me to join him in teh odyssey of his life… Lawrence made me realise that we should all perhaps take life a little less seriously and approach our challenges with a wry smile.

Reviewer : Mark Parker



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