Luke Graves : Living Luke

Sweet Grassmarket

Aug 4-28 (18:35)


Material :three-stars Delivery :four-stars  Laughs : three-stars

Watching Luke Graves at work is rather akin to listening to one of the Icelandic Sagas of old, Egil’s Saga perhaps, when the life-long adventures of an epic hero are recited in a cheiftain’s hall. On this occasion we found ourselves instead in a modern-day luxurious hotel, & of course our bard has a microphone in hand as he delves into his own life to give us Luke’s annual account of his adventures. In 2016 we are witness to his recent engagement to Lauren – next year, he tells us, will be the wedding chapter of his saga, followed by the baby year & in 2019 his dressing up as Superman for parental rights.

Luke oozes a peace-cruising demeanour as he delivers his material in a cute & poignant manner. His audience is very much with him, an intimate connection that finds many comedians’ egos difficult to circumvent. But the cheeky chappie in Luke is only a witty aside away as he thinks on his feet throughout his laid-back, friendly show. Perhaps Luke is a little too laid-back at times, but I guess he’s just a nice fella & that’s his way. He’s a bit like a wolf-pup – adorable with the occasional risque snarl. Indeed, just as one stares inanely at a lovely puppy, so I found myself at times simply gazing at Luke as he sported through his perfectly formed set.

So… I guess its a matter of how does one like one’s comedy. ‘I’m really cool with any of this,’ said one of the audience tonight, & I have to agree. Its good to see a comedian with a genuine smile & if its at a nice, steady pace when you feel fluffy & ready for humour, then Luke is definitely your guy.

Reviewer : Damian Beeson Bullen


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