Pippa Evans: Same Same But Different

Bannermans (Venue 357)

Aug 6-9, 22-28 (1.45pm)

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Laughs: five-stars   Material: five-stars   Deliveryfive-stars

Having been to see ‘Showstopper! The Improvised Musical’ last year, it was a real treat to see Pippa Evans in her solo show ‘Same Same but Different’, which is part of PBH’s Free Fringe. We felt sure we were in for a great show of music and comedy. Pippa played to a packed Bannermans and was well received from the onset, with anecdotes and musical numbers interspersed with moments of audience participation that were great to watch, if not a little personal for those chosen few!

We laughed heartily at the detailed recounts of ‘cringy’ first time fumbles and being dressed in Laura Ashley as a young tomboy and sang along with the closing number “You’re Awesome” as we came to terms with the fact the hour was over. We were transported to the ‘wild’ as Pippa took on the role of Bear Grylls and had the audience in the palm of her hands. She is an accomplished vocalist, improv performer and comedienne and this show only affirms this. Stand out moments included her song ‘Roles I’ll Never Play’ when it became clear to us all that you can’t play Fagin with tits(!) and her fond talking about her Mum and her growing awareness that she was always right!

Although there was a script, Pippa’s skillful ability to improvise was woven through the show as she learnt more details about certain audience members as the hour progressed (Caution! Sit in the front row at your own risk!). Someone close by was ‘serenaded’ for a whole number as he resembled an ex-boyfriend… it could have been tense, but it was just hilarious. Her small but perfectly formed band was great, and they moved seamlessly through the planned and improved numbers. She handled huge topics with a light touch and tiny topics with a toothcomb. She knows her craft for sure and with humility she holds her humanness and frailties and has the ability to laugh at herself. It’s impressive, that is for sure.

Pippa had this way of putting us at ease and making us feel included, just before she said or did something that made us think a little more deeply. She had a lovely take on not judging one another with some witty interspersed judgements! Then we all found ourselves singing ‘I won’t judge you’, to her, to our friends and then to the room, it was touching. She did this kind of stuff quite a few times and she did it extremely well. Jokes, flipped into something poignant or serious or potentially ‘sugary’; but it wasn’t, she meant it and so did we. Pippa Evans makes the world a better place; she is good for the soul. This is a performer who deserves the upmost respect.

Great stories, great songs, great human humour… It’s fairly simple, go and see this show! It’s free to get in but you will definitely want to pay for this golden hour of entertainment, and if your not convinced, the finale will have you reaching for your purse! People, queue round the block if you have to, she really is worth it. Pippa Evans – You are awesome!

Reviewers: Ali Bell and Denise Borland


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