Mumble 5 Stars : August 9th


The top 5 comedy shows after the first seven days of the Edinburgh Fringe

(click on a name to read their review)


Pippa Evans

15 Stars

Unknown-2 (1)

Laughs: five-stars   Material: five-stars   Deliveryfive-stars


Samantha Baines

13 Stars

Samantha Baines I

Material :four-stars Delivery :five-stars  Laughs : four-stars


Paul Currie

13 Stars


Laughs: four-stars   Materialfour-stars   Deliveryfive-stars


Njambi McGrath

12 Stars


Material :five-stars  Delivery : three-stars  Laughs : four-stars


Revan & Fennell

12 Stars

revan_and_fennell_poster (1)

Material :four-stars Delivery :four-stars  Laughs : four-stars


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