John Porter – Lunatic (of the) Fringe

Spotlites Venue

08-12th Aug


£5 (£3)

john porter.jpg

Material : three-stars Delivery : Inline image 3 Laughs : three-stars

John is a story-telling comedian who takes you through a mixture of his own life story, little segments of his personal observations and occasionally ties-in formatted jokes. For me, John’s material has potential to be knock-out funny, but his delivery is  well-off being fully honed.  At the moment, John is concentrating on self deprecation as a tool to sarcastically induce a laugh from the crowd. However, it didn’t pay off for me. It is a dangerous style of comedy because if not measured correctly, it can leave the audience feeling pitiful.
Cynicism and darkness are of course, styles of comedy, and can be great when measured correctly. I found John to be a bit more of a depressed Peter Kay, rather than the lunatic, Jerry Sadowitz. So I would encourage John to fight the fear and use them peepers to help the energy flow back and forth between him and his observers. John may know himself, but I think he still needs to find himself on stage. John has drive and a relaxed demeanour; essential for the job! He clearly has a thick skin and this makes him resilient. I think if John worked on mastering his craft a little differently, to tweak his raw ability, then he will be one to watch for next year.

Reviewer : Bobbi McKenzie 


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