James Farmer : Can’t Adult, Won’t Adult




Material :three-stars  Delivery : three-stars  Laughs : four-stars

Award winning 8 out of 10 Cats writer James Farmer can certainly pull a crowd, 12.30 on a drizzly afternoon is no deterrent for fans hoping to see his festival debut “Can’t Adult, Won’t Adult” at the free fringe. We arrive at the venue 25 mins early to find there is already a queue winding from the Cowgate up Niddry Street; this show seems to be proving popular with people being advised to come back tomorrow; he could have filled the room 3 times over. Proclaiming his affinity with childishness, Farmer doesn’t fail to deliver. He opens the show with some audience participation; prompting the crowd to shout out their favourite word for penis; TODGER! BOABY! COCK! echo around the room, this gets the crowd giggling like little kids.

James takes us on a nostalgic journey through growing up, teenage angst and a bit of time travel back to 2003 where we reminisce about life before I- Tunes. The hour long show is gag heavy and he really packs a lot into it …if not at times predictable with some typical jokes and one liners. He is a likeable character and his delivery is enthusiastic and well received, with the biggest laughs coming from the younger members of the audience, as maybe the over twentysomethings have heard “the postman being your Dad” joke more than enough times. The sentiment behind the show reminds us of the struggle to become an adult, revisiting our childhood and the refusal to accept life’s obligations. This show is rude and silly and although might not make you belly laugh it is definitely full of giggles.

Reviewers : Laura and Emma Murray


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