Lazy Susan : Crazy, Sexy, Fool

  The Pleasance

 3rd – 28th August


Material :four-stars  Delivery : four-stars  Laughs : three-stars

With a title like Lazy Susan: Crazy Sexy Fool my imagination was running wild. As we entered a military-like bunker at the far end of the Pleasance Courtyard and took our seats, the show began in earnest. Darkness became light and with that two animated figures burst from a corner, propelling themselves onto stage with criminal intent. Straightaway I knew this was old school sketch comedy at its best! Taking a trip through this comedy maze of slapstick jokes and hilarious facial expressions you are soon taken in with this wonderland of fun that is at hand; from cocaine-induced gangster squirrels, news reporters, police officers and slappers in a club, these two had the audience in bouts of laughter. With  quick costume changes and backing tracks fitting like a glove, this show had something for everyone… .

Bringing us back to the early days of sketch comedy, it was heart warming to see such effort being put into their art – the show was well thought-out and planned with the audience ever in mind, is easy to get along with and delivers a catalogue of shocking but fascinating wee jokes. With Steve Coogan  and a friend sitting next to me, I took the opportunity to ask them what they thought of the show and on answering he said ‘its nice to see comedy sketches from such young talent, totally enjoyed it.’ Enough said…

With an ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ feel to proceedings, the girls poking fun at feminism along the way, there are no places to hide if you are part of this audience.  Laugh, giggle, chuckle, gasp or be shocked, take this show in your stride and be transported back to days past when comedy was comedy. Consistent, courageous , calculated and clever with good delivery, this show is worth its weight in gold. Spend your money sensibly and buy a memory  by going to see this mind-curdling show by two elegant ladies. Fantastic entertainment !!!!

Reviewed by Raymond Speedie



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