Assembly George Square

Aug 12-29 : (18.35)

Material :three-stars  Delivery : three-stars  Laughs : three-stars
Britney? Britney? Britney? ‘Why was this comedy show called such a thing?’  I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I turned up for this one. Eventually I eventually discovered that the show is in fact about a brain tumor, & well, we were all now supposed to see the funny side – that laughter is the best medicine.  The story is not all doom and gloom… it is a pilgrimage of hope, friendship, survival and love. It is about saying we should feel OK to speak about Britney and not to feel bad about it. Britney is a fact of life and she touches far too many of us. There were awkward moments for me as I watched, but this is the price of being confronted by brave, nerve-jousting comedians.
Saying all that, however, I am very glad I went and saw them two girls in action… they have an incredible amount of talent, tons of depth, an endearing spirit and a very bright future. I did connect with the story probably a little too much for my liking and had a few tears in my eyes at the end. The problem was the Fart Twins – as the girls are more commonly known – were good, very good in fact! Hard not to like and very easy to connect with. Would I go back and see these girls again… yeah for sure! But for me, Britney was a touch too powerful.
Reviewer : Mark Parker


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