Loose Brie

The Newsroom

 Aug 4-28 – (15.45)


Edinburgh Poster Web 0.1

Material :three-stars  Delivery : four-stars   Laughs : four-stars

Loose Brie is part of the Free Fringe, a rather rather insightful look into life played out in the middle of the afternoon in the basement of the Newsroom. Phil & Martin – the Loose Brie duo – appeared after what seemed like an age of shockingly bad intro music (did something go wrong backstage, perhaps?) & with oodles of enthusiasm driving them pell-mell through their pretty decent routine. I laughed – a lot – they had the right energy levels and charisma, they have excellent timing & a have a good crack with the audience — but something told me these dudes are by no means the finished article & can improve & then go on improving. Their material should evolve over time – there is certainly some stuff in there which doesn’t need to be here next time round, but some which clearly has to remain a part of their repetoire.

Overall though I was pleasantly surprised – the boys are not afraid to be a little bit out there and definitely gave it everything they had. They blended good audience participation into their show’s decent flow and we were never left wanting. Worth chucking a few squiddlies in the bucket for  if you’re in the right place at the right time..

Reviewer : Mark Parker



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