Jess Robinson : Impressive

Pleasance Courtyard

Aug 18-21, 23-28 (20.30)


Material :three-stars  Delivery : four-stars   Laughs : four-stars

The Pleseance is one of my favourite venue,s with a thriving courtyard & several bars as you wander through, all of which are buzzing, and an undercover seating area which looks great to chill out in. Tonight’s venue, Room 4, possesses quite a modest name; it’s massive and holds hundreds of people – & tonight the place was packed for the show. Jess likes to make everybody very welcome as they enter the room, even standing at the front to help usher everybody in. She is a very classy lady and has the looks & acumen of a real star. In a nutshell, her show is a classic – though she does go on about her divorce a wee bit too much. OK we get it… comedians deal with their sorrow by making it part of their show, but do we really care about other people’s loss? No! Is it funny? Not really! But Jess has a lot more characters she can draw on for material than just herself… every famous woman there has ever been it seemed! She is a highly talented impersonation impresario, and nailed every one of them, I felt!


‘Impressive’ is a highly entertaining hour – the impersonations, singing & comedy weave together effortlessly & give the punter a lot more for their money than the average Fringe show. The supporting band are top notch, & were brought into the show at times, along with some great audience participation throughout! By the way – if you sit at the very front I hope you’re not shy and have some hidden talent.

I took a friend along to this one who absolutely loved it as well! Yeah, Jess does go on a wee bit about her divorce, but it’s not that big a deal really, & by the end of the show me and my mate would have quite happily signed up for the job of hubby number two. She is a very endearing talent and her ‘vision’ was thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.

Reviewer : Mark Parker


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