Spencer Jones is The Herbert

Underbelly, Cowgate

Aug 19-28


Material :four-stars  Delivery : three-stars   Laughs : four-stars

I was a little early for this one and had to wait 20 min for the show to start. So I was right at the front of the queue and first one in the room, where I was politely asked to sit right at the end of the front row! As I sat down and looked at the weird array of objects scattered around the stage I thought to myself – rookie mistake I wish I wasn’t right at the front,0 This guy is going to be all over me! Thankfully he was not; I love a good show but I am not too keen on being a star of it! Saying that, there was a lot of audience interaction throughout the show, with most of the people coming from the front middle. Spencer was actually very nice to them and didn’t take the mickey that much! He is a very funny guy, very quirky and you wonder what you have got yourself into from the start as soon as he appears on stage. Spencer has a way of seeing humour in just about everything from a noise, a squeak, a prop &… so on, with all of his observations very funny indeed!

Spencer’s routine is delivered at a reasonable pace and sometimes I was wondering what exactly was going on, but you just need to roll with it with this guy. Some moments are pretty out there while others are comic genius! it’s a weird collection of stuff that just shouldn’t be funny but so is & I guess that’s the true test of  a comedy genius; make people laugh from nothing! He is a lovely man who really cares about what he does and I adored the fact he went to the door at the end and thanked everyone personally for coming. His act looks very natural and perhaps even easy, though I am sure that to make the littlest things appear funny must take an exceptional amount of work to master. Well worth a visit take a friend or two and don’t be afraid to sit at the front.

Reviewer : Mark Parker


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