Larry Dean

The Plesance Courtyard

Aug 22-28


Laughs: five-stars   Material: four-stars   Delivery: five-stars

When I got the chance to review this show I was well chuffed… I had been looking for a ‘straight’ stand-up Weegie comedian for ages; no nonsense, no gimmicks, just banter. I was not to be disappointed at all – Larry absolutely nailed it, he was well on point with a show full of one-liners and comical anecdotes. The venue itself was good and a decent size holding maybe 100 people with built up seating on all sides of the stage. This worked well for Larry and gave it a very intimate feel; like you were round your pal’s house having a bevy and Larry was cracking all the jokes. Larry should appeal to everyone, I hope, and is highly entertaining for almost all of his show. There is minimal audience interaction, but like all the greats he doesn’t need to rely on us to feed his laughs.

He has good strings of jokes throughout the show which get funnier every time he uses them. He reminded me a little bit of the ‘big yin,’ the way he was able to go off on tangents and then scramble to get back to what he was on about. In one of the reviews I read before seeing him, he was compared to Kevin Bridges, but I wouldn’t agree with that — Larry is his own man with his own style. Go and see his show with an open mind and you will definitely have a lot of fun and tons of laughs. This wee guy is well worth going to see one of the best shows I have seen this year (& I’ve seen a lot)!

Reviewer : Mark Parker


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