Mumble Five Stars (22nd August)


With One Week To Go Here Are Five Of Our Five Star Choices Of What Is Still Showing This August

(click on a name to read their review)


Pippa Evans


Aug 6-9, 22-28 (1.45pm)

Unknown-2 (1)

Laughs: five-stars   Material: five-stars   Deliveryfive-stars

Larry Dean

The Plesance Courtyard

Aug 22-28


Laughs: five-stars   Material: four-stars   Delivery: five-stars

Ross Hepburn

Banshee Labyrinth
Till 28th August
Laughs: four-stars   Material: five-stars   Delivery: five-stars

Opium, Nightclub

Aug 21-27

Laughs: five-stars   Material: four-stars   Delivery: five-stars

Heroes @ Dragonfly

Aug 4-28  (22.30)

Laughs: four-stars   Material: five-stars   Delivery: five-stars

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