Pete Otway: Six Years from Then

The Mash House

Aug 22-28 (17.00)


Material :three-stars  Delivery : two-stars.png   Laughs : two-stars.png

I was a little dubious going along to this one as it was based around a relationship break-up and then reconciliation. We all know a thing or ten about relationships ending and it really isn’t that big a deal; especially when it is someone else’s! Thankfully, the show is quite loosely based on this theme and you don’t hear too much about it. I thought the show was more about growing up and realising its ok to acceptyourself for who you are – even if that someone is a little crazy with the occasional homicidal tendency. Pete talks you through a few events in his life in a humorous and light-hearted way, giving us a bit of insight into his own mind as he tries to figure his shit out. The show itself was funny, and thankfully there where more than a couple of jokes! It was easy to relate to Pete as he just lays it all out there with no fear of judgment.

I believe Pete is trying to share his experiences to not just help himself – vocalising his thoughts to also help others who may be going through similar situations. Is he original, cutting edge, about to break through; no I don’t think so. I would also question if there is any where the show could go. Don’t get me wrong, Pete is certainly talented, and I am glad he was able to work through his issues and was rooting for him at the end. However, I wouldn’t wish that his life turns for the worst again so that he can have some different material!

Reviewer : Mark Parker


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