Omid Djalili : Smuck for a Night

Pleasance Courtyard



                              Material :three-stars  Delivery : five-stars   Laughs : four-stars                                                

This man needs no introduction; stand-up comedian , actor, television producer and writer, he has graced our stages and screens for many years now.  Having been in Gladiator and The Infidel,  Omid is a diverse entertainer that can turn his hand to many a challenge .  On the road with his new stand up show, Omid Djalili : Smuck for a Night, he has landed at the Edinburgh Festival for 5 nights only. Being played out in the huge arena that is The Grand at the Pleasance Courtya,rd the 300-strong crowd gathered for an afternoon of smutty jokes and laugh-a-minute comedy. With the show nearing its start, the loud speakers bellowed out some smooth reggae sounds, loosening us up for what was to come.

Entering the stage to massive applause, Omid milks every moment of it,  pressing his fans for more as the show begins with a bang !!!!  This is a stand-up show that takes you through the mind of a comic marvel. Adapting to fit around the current affairs of today and the world we live in his array of material is mind-bending. With attacks on politics, twitter, whats up, Brexit he takes on the world with his witty sense of humour.  Loud and consistent, taking no prisoners, he bombards us from left to right with fire-friendly jokes sending the audience into stitches of laughter.

Ploughing throw his set like a tank on a battlefield, we are soon thrown head-long into his hilarious world of ISIS.  Being of Iranian decent this gives him a free passport into this world of delicate matters. Powerful and fast paced this show strikes at the heart of comedy, moving along with ease as Omid pokes fun at hairy bears, culture, celebrities, religion, age and the world as a whole, his decision is finally made.  Life is about fun and Omid appears to have conquered that with his Smuck for a Night show. They say laughter is good for the soul then Omid hits the spot!!!!

Reviewed by Raymond Speedie




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