An Interview With Grant Stott

THE MUMBLE :  When did you realise that you were actually kinda funny & people were digging your stuff?
GRANT :  Tricky one to answer, I was always a show off at school and was constantly getting in bother for it – once getting the belt for doing Eric and Ernie’s “Bring Me Sunshine” dance as the class line made it’s way into school!!! WTF?!? But I never really got up with a prepared set of words which got laughs until my wedding day.  It was a very important moment for me (oh aye and the getting married bit too) but hearing people laugh at my stories was a huge buzz…but it took years of trying out wee bits here and there and courage plucking to garner the necessary gonads to get up and do my own one man show.
image1.jpegTHE MUMBLE :  You are a Hibee fan of course – well you’d need a good sense of humour to be one – so did you & your family get a photo taken with the cup
GRANT :  You serious? I got my hands on the Cup THAT night! I was lucky enough to get invited back to the Club for the post match party with my Dad and we spent the night getting photos with the Cup, the team and the Cup again.
THE MUMBLE : Which comedians both past & present have tickled your own funny bone?
GRANT :  Billy Connolly is the obvious one – but I remember watching his “Audience With..” programme when it first went out in the 80s and for the first time heard stories about things that I could ABSOLUTELY relate to…Late Call….The Carry Out and Looking For A Party and of course, the drunk singer in the corner!
Timage2.JPGHE MUMBLE :  You are just about to take your hit Fringe show Tales From Behind The Mic on tour around Scotland. Can you tell us a little about it.
GRANT :  It’s really a show that has genuinely been 27 years in the making.  I tell (mostly) true stories of my journey from leaving school to DJ at a roller disco to joining the police to getting in trouble for DJ’ing while still in the Police and eventually moving into radio and some of the many funny things that have happened to me on (and off) air.  I’ve kept archive audio from callers that did – and didn’t – make it on air and I use them along with tweets and Facebook posts from listeners who can often be a little less than kind when commenting on you.  I also take a moment to explain how my internet sensation “That’s Fife” came about.
THE MUMBLE :  How long does it take to create a show like Tales From Behind The Mic?
GRANT :  Apart from being 27 years in the making, the decision was made to do it in March last year and I spent the following few weeks writing the script, collecting the stories, putting them in order and working with Ryan Dewar who took them all and helped bring them to life on the screen by some very clever video creations.  We rehearsed for about a two week period in July with Andy Gary casting his directorial eye over the proceedings.  Did a one off preview at Radio Forth for the staff the week before we opened, which was invaluable and gave us lots to change before we finally opened the following week!!
THE MUMBLE :  What does the rest of 2017 have in store for Grant Stott?
GRANT :  Well, the tour which will take in about 13 nights over a two month period starts at the end of February, the same week I’m back at the Kings in Edinburgh to appear in Allan Stewart’s Big Big Variety Show.  I’ll finish the tour back at the Kings in Edinburgh myself for one night only in May and then in the summer will team up with Andy Gary for a brand new project for the Edinburgh Fringe.  The year will finish as it started; in Panto at The Kings in Cinderella!

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