An Interview with Eddy Brimson

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This weekend sees Eddy Brimson headlining the Big Show at the Monkey Barrel Comedy Club in Edinburgh. Last weekend, The Mumble managed to track the fellow down & grab a few moments;

THE MUMBLE : Hi Eddy, so where ya from & where ya at, geographically speaking?

EDDY : People hear the accent and think I’m from London but I’m not. My folks are cockneys but I was born and breed in Hemel Hempstead, which makes me a Haemorrhoid. I now live in Edinburgh and absolutely love the place. I’ve been very fortunate on the travelling front, but you’d go some to beat Edinburgh.

THE MUMBLE : You had a particularly circuitous route into stand-up, can you tell us about it:

EDDY : My Dad worked the folk circuit for 40 odd years. He was a fantastic story and joke teller, and so I owe most of it to him. That said I never thought I’d end up being a comedian. I used to write books about football, mainly factual.

THE MUMBLE : When did you realise you were funny:

EDDY : My mates are all far funnier than I am, but being funny on stage is very different to being funny off it. My Dad taught me how to tell a joke to a crowd.

THE MUMBLE : What makes you laugh personally:

EDDY : You can’t beat real life. All the best stuff happens in front of you. Most of my material is based on real life events. Life is funny, even the bad bits.


THE MUMBLE : What inspires you to write:

EDDY : I’ve got fish to feed. Those flakes don’t grow in fields … well … you know what I mean.

THE MUMBLE : You’ve toured the world as a comic, including Burma : what was that gig like:

EDDY : Flew out Tuesday morning, did the gig and then straight back to the airport and home. Might as well have driven to Bathgate.

THE MUMBLE : You’ve been up at the Fringe before, how do you find Edinburgh in August:

EDDY : The Festival is both brilliant and brutal. So many talented people beating themselves up for not being noticed.

THE MUMBLE : You’ve made a few films concerning football, where do you own allegiances lie:

I follow Watford and Hemel Hempstead Town. I’ve been to a few games up here but … really!

THE MUMBLE : What is your favorite joke:

Not a joke as such but a great mate and comedian once tweeted from a toilet: Opps no paper, goodbye socks. I’m laughing just typing that. I can be in the most random place, that will come into my head and I laugh like an idiot.

THE MUMBLE : What does the rest of 2017 hold in store for Eddy Brimson?

I shall be at the Festival doing a show titled Knee Pads & Lemons. I’m also currently writing my 2nd novel, which is very exciting.

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