Karin Nixon



16th March



The Mumble likes to look at everything really. to get the full panorama of the cultural landscape; so when faced with the vast panoply of stars at this year’s Glasgow International, we thought first up to try somebody new. I was lucky enough to catch born & bred Weegie, Karin Nixon’s first ever full length comedy show in the intimate but busy confines of the Liberte basement bar. Prior to this night, her normal shows have been 5 minutes at comedy open mic nights, so it was understandable who entire routine was etched in giant prompt cards at her feet. However, this really didn’t effect the flow of a set in which her comedic, analytical mind seems to handle pretty well any situation life may throw at her – she sees the comedy in everything, so to speak. Perhaps that is down to the circuitous route she has taken towards the comedy stage; from doctor’s receptionist through post grad primary teaching, with a massive love of Coronation Street tossed in for the darker hours. Of her transition from wee snippet sets to hour long comedy, Karin told the Mumble; ‘Two days before GICF deadline last October made decision to put on solo show (having only been doing 5-10 minutes). Madness – but March was miles away. Luckily had built stash of writing. Cut lots of it up – put on bed – rearranged it and Hey Presto – Show! First performance was on show night – 16th March.’


IMG_20170316_191456322.jpgSpending an hour with Karin is rather akin to having that mad auntie round for afternoon tea, who rattles on with hypnotizing monologues at break-neck speed, taking time out only to share out the oven-fresh brownies she’d baked that morning. Karin had instead put plates full of sweets about the tables – but you get the idea. As she rumbled through her set, I soon came to discover that Karin is a gentle soul, empathetic to elastic bands & coffee lids, to her all existence is personified into her little pals. Also, not many comedians take an interval during their hour-long show but Karin did, branding it a ‘ten minute comfort & beverage break’ adding to the joyous informality of it all. Whilst getting our drinks, we were also invited by Karin to write on a slip of paper what they thought Braehead shopping centre had forbidden people to do alongside more traditional shopping centre no-nos. After the break, Karin began to read them out; vajazzling & Irish dancing were two of the funny, but incorrect replies. The answer is quite astonishing, &  I urge a future possible Nixon virgin to go along & find the answer for themselves, by which time, I am sure, this very funny comedian would have lost her nerves & become comfortable with her own funniness so much that she has enabled herself with a delivery to match.

Reviewer : Damian Beeson Bullen

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