Rich Hall : Hoedown

The Garage, Glasgow

18th March 2017


A macabre dance led by a pie-eyed piper. A congregation of mostly over 30’s, loads of over 50’s, squeezed in flimsy pews to witness and partake at the Devil’s Altar! It was a sharp, sardonic, cynical celebration of stupidity. The intimacy of the venue and his ability to articulate into local context, any and all wryly observed comments on the current global political and cultural situation. First, an hour of cheers and laughter, moments of realisation, and contexts spun and shuttled, packing laughter into the room like threads shuttled in a loom.  He has to have spent the intermission scouring google earth and facebook , weaving further threads of precise and perceptive improvisation to rattle off a great big musical tapestry.


In the second set, Rob Childs, who has backed Rich on UK tours for 17 years, along with Mark Hewitt on drums and James Morgan on Bass claimed a place in the Scottish songbook for the memorable “Fur on a stick” and the mental “Collie Dogs”.  Brian and Scott from the front row were like fodder to the fiddler, and at least one of them has a new nickname forever and ever, and ever.  Rich Hall, whether you think of him as a panel show regular, a documentary presenter, a cunt of a singer, or the king of stand up, his passionate finale, “Give me back my Whisky” could be a contender for the post independence National Anthem.
What price, pure poetry?

Reviewer : Cai Storrie

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